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Why Human Resources (H.R) is making employment difficult?

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Have you applied for a position recently!

We have come across at some point in our lives where we have been looking for a position, been laid off, unhappy with the way things are, or simply want a career change. With all the activities that are happening around us, we spend our time trying to polish our resumes, learn a new skill, obtain a certification with the end prospect of landing that amazing career role which will take us to the next level, but that does not happen.

The Long Search for a job

We have obtained our credentials, showcased proven skills, some of us have years of work experience that are long to mention and we try to decide what has to be taken out from our coveted resumes to make it either a page or maximum two pages in length, knowing that most employers are not going to read every word. 

To make it difficult during this search, we are asked by human resources to participate in un-ending tests to prove our skills once again as though the resume means nothing.

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So what is the test!

To provide a brief overview, candidates are asked the most ridiculous tasks to be completed by human resources who claim to be more knowledgeable than the candidates despite the human resources lacking the skill and specialty in every domain, but they are able to make decisions as though they have a mastery in all domains. 

For instance, I have listed 10 of the sort of questions that are asked in no particular order and that we have come across at some point in our search for a job. Most importantly what are those tasks that the human resources asks a candidate?

  1. Write a letter pertaining to an example on how you would overcome a situation?
  2. Complete a mathematical test in ratios, formulae’s, analytical questions to test what you would say.
  3. The most asked question: “Tell me about yourself!”
  4. What are your plans 3 months from today?
  5. Do you have any other commitments coming up?
  6. Can I have three references, detailing their names, phone, email and who they are?
  7. Can you tell us why you want this position?
  8. Why do you want to work for us?
  9. What are your goals in life?
  10. Adhere to our requirements?

Human Resources needs a crash course in simple terminology

First, I find it very interesting, when positions are posted as ENTRY LEVEL. There seems to be a lack of understanding on what this term entry level means. Secondly, we would think Human Resources would be able to figure that out, or if we would ask even a sixth grader what do you understand by entry level, we would get amazing results. Lastly, why is that people that manage the recruitment of an organization do not seem to decipher this simple term. However, they create their own expectation which leads to dissatisfaction and ultimately having that very candidate lose interest in that organization.

An actual example of a job posting

For instance, listed below is an actual example of a posting from a prominent organization looking for an entry level position:

  • Track record in maintaining client relationships within the service, retail or financial industry
  • Accredited in Mutual Funds

In conclusion the above job description is an example of the expectation that the human resources expects from an entry level personnel. Moreover this would be expected from a similar position with 5 to 10 years experience. In other words how difficult is this to understand. Entry level means no expectation because every person requires an opportunity to grow, learn and be mentored. 

Kindly provide your feedback on what you like and what you want to read. I look forward to the next post. Thank you for your support.

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