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I still cannot plan

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It’s becoming a trend, start first and plan later!

Everyone is being told to reach, go far, excel, do better, leading to chaos. The only accomplishment is that you reached somewhere, as the image below shows.

We will call the featured image the “lost plan”.

I recall in middle school, my teachers would teach how critical and important it is to plan your day, do you homework and organize yourself.  Now that was in middle school, I have come along way from there and realized that the current environment, we live in, is so ingrained in fulfilling their corporate values which do not exist or is namesake.

There are so many Universities, Membership bodies and the like that come out with new courses, programs, certificates…. the key aspect that’s missing is the PLAN. Every year most Universities proudly promote their students like a badge, but those very students do not have a simple plan in place when things go bad.

We are all waiting for a solution to come to us rather than find a solution for us. I was amazed to see the solutions, creativity, inventions and ideas created by some, compared to the rest who are either complaining or finding fault with the system.

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Planning is critical

The events of COVID-19 have been unfolding and possibly will be until a vaccine is created. What’s interesting during this period is that a lot of businesses have been forced to close down, file for bankruptcy, delay operations or change course.

The pandemic has changed our lives and will so going forward, its during this time people and businesses have equally been forced to learn how to plan and why planning is critical for their operations.

We have to ask ourselves why would we venture into the unknown as the image in the “lost plan”. Knowing that would cause considerable harm. Most of the businesses have done exactly that. They had no clue a pandemic could disrupt our daily routine causing irreversible repair to some.

The outcome of a plan

For the businesses that succeeded and came through, its a testament to their plan. Their determination to not wait for the unknown and have measures in place to avoid a catastrophe.

We can ask ourselves the basic fundamental questions to help us in our plan:

  1. What you want to achieve?
  2. When do you want to achieve it?
  3. How do you achieve it?
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